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Is Real Estate Photography Taking the AP Boys Straight to the Moon?

It all started with an idea, a dream and a GoPro...

When Brendan and I started AP Real Estate Investing a little over a year ago, we had one common goal. We wanted to document our journey from day one and tell our story through social media. This would be the differentiating factor between us and everyone else out there striving for financial success through real estate investing. Especially those frauds "The Property Brothers" (just kidding big fans...)

In order to tell our story, we needed a camera. Now I have to admit, I wasn't 100% on board at first. It was money I didn't want to spend, not to mention the fact that we had no idea how to film or edit. Throw in the fact that neither of us had any on camera experience, it wasn't really a recipe for success. Don't believe me, check out one of our first videos. Oh and subscribe to our channel while you're there.

SOOO CRINGEWORTHY!!! It is actually difficult for us to go back and watch these early videos. The quality... the editing... the awkwardness... EVERYTHING!

But we had to start somewhere. So we bought a GoPro and got to work. shortly after our first house flip Brendan came back to me and said we need a better camera. Again, it took some convincing, but I eventually caved. The difference... well you can see for yourself.

As our equipment improved, so did our standard for quality as well as our video-editing skills. We were on to our second house flip with a new-found sense of motivation to create high-quality content for our followers. Check our our Hazel Park highlight video below. Better, right?

Before I go any further, I need to give credit where credit is due. Since day one, Brendan has been the content guy. He has taken lead on social media and all things related to content. Sure, I chip in here and there, but he is typically the one driving content. Hopefully he never reads this blog or his head might actually explode.

So naturally he was the one that suggested we get a wide-angle lens to improve our house photos. And oh ya, by the way, we might as well get a drone too. And oh ya, by the way, I need to buy a course so that I can get licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration.

My response:

After my usual opposition to "non-essential expenses" we were officially owners of a wide-angle lens and Brendan was a licensed drone pilot. My one condition in buying all these nice new toys was that we needed to start offering real estate photography and video services.

Now the blog comes full circle, people. Within the past two weeks, we have become the preferred vendor at KW Plymouth for all photography and video services, and we have close to our first $1,000 in sales!

Again, credit where credit is due... Brendan has been the man behind the camera making a lot of this happen, finding the clients and driving to and from appointments. But what is good for one of the AP Boys is good for all of us. I will help out where I can behind the scenes, but the important thing is that this rocket ship is finally taking off. Both of us are incredibly optimistic about this opportunity that has presented itself and are planning to ride this thing straight into the stratosphere.

We truly appreciate all the support from everyone that is along for the ride with us, and we hope this is just another chapter in one of the greatest real estate stories of all time.


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