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The AP Boys Now Have a Lot to Offer

Over the last couple of weeks, the AP boys have taken some major steps on their path to conquer the real estate world. When I say the AP Boys, I mainly mean myself. However, we are a team who wins together and loses together. Unless we lose, then it is Andrew's fault.

It’s no secret that I have made a transition to Keller Williams. Was it tough? Yes, it was, but it was the right move for me as well as for AP Real Estate. With this change we now offer a multitude of services to our potential clients. Over this informative and entertaining blog, I will highlight all the services that will set us apart and take us to the promised land. Or in my case, a Lamborghini.

1. Drone Photography

We now offer full drone photography to all the real estate agents out there who want to take their listings to the next level. You want to highlight lake life? Boom! Drone. Have a listing on an immense plot of land? Boom! Drone. Prices for Drone photography are going to be $100 per listing. If you would like a fully edited video, we are going to bump it up to $150.

Interested? Contact us

2. Home Photography

Oh, we do not stop with just the aerial views. We now have a camera capable of taking professional real estate photos for listings featured on the MLS. Some agents prefer to take phone photos… please don’t. They look terrible. You hire us and we will make that listing look like a Picasso. The price for home photos is $100.

Interested? Contact us

3. Real Estate Agent Services

Want to list your home or looking to buy? We now have one of the largest brokerages in the U.S. at our disposal to get you the exposure you need to sell your home for the right price quickly. Or, if you are looking to buy, we have access to the largest network of pocket listings and other methods to get you in your dream home quickly and with no hassle.

Interested? Contact us

4. Access to capital. This is the big one people! With our new partners we have access to all the capital we need to purchase any home we desire for investment purposes.

“Brendan how does this help us?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Along with the capital, we have access to a full construction team and a network of contractors that can help customize any home you see on the market to your exact needs. Think like Chip and Joanne. Your budget is $300,000 but you are not able to find anything that fits your eye. However, priced at $200,000 is a place that with a little renovation work will be perfect for you. Through creative financing, we can get you in the $200,000 home, renovate the place for, let’s say $50,000, and provide you with a home that could have an equity of $300,000. Sounds confusing right? Call us and we will help you understand a little better.

This extends to seller’s as well. If the current condition of your home will get you a price of $400,000, but with around $50,000 worth of work we could be closer to the $475,000 mark wouldn’t you be interested? All we do (since our partners own a construction company) is place a lien on the house for that amount of the renovation cost. Then at selling you will pay back the cost to renovate. Plus, you will be pocketing another $25,000 for the increased value of your home.

Interested? Contact us

5. Social Media Marketing

If you are a real estate agent who wants to market their properties on social media, but does not have the equipment or editing software, you call us. We will meet you at the property, film the place, and edit up a nice social media video to help not only sell the place, but help you gain exposure and credibility as an agent.

Interested? Contact us

There you have it people! We now have a ton of services that will help add value to real estate agents looking to market as well as prospective home buyers and sellers!


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