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Are Chip and Joanna Gaines Afraid of the AP Boys?

It’s no secret… Chip and Joanna are coming back to television. Apparently focusing on the kids and farm life was just a stunt. They want back in the spotlight. Trust me, I get it. Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention?

I did some research (reading headlines) and I was shocked to see that they are leaving beloved HGTV for Discovery. The network known for fools looking for gold in the wilderness (Gold Rush), hobos building stick houses in Alaska (Alaskan bush people), and some naked folks walking around in jungles (Naked and Afraid).

What traitors!! We haven’t seen this big of a “Flip” since the Verizon can you hear me now guy went to Sprint.

They inked a deal with Discovery and are launching their own TV network!! Not just flipping houses, oh no! They want to double down and have multiple shows focusing on their life and businesses (at least this is my interpretation). Hmm not just focusing on Real Estate and trying to create a lifestyle network where they cover everything…. Where have I heard that before?? Oh yeah, that’s right. They took a page right out of AP’s book.

This got me thinking….. Are Chip and Joanna shook by the absolute force in the North that is AP Real Estate. Did they see these new handsome young bucks making absolute waves in the industry and think “We have to get in front of this”?

Realistically, the answer to that is yes. The timelines match up too well for it to be just a coincidence. We catch some steam, gain some followers, flip a couple houses and boom the big bad couple is back on the block.

It’s okay though. They can sit up at the top of Everest talking about how great it is to have 5 kids, millions of dollars, and 38 chickens. Just don’t get too comfy Gaines family. The AP Boys are climbing the summit. We show the struggle. We show the hardship. Most importantly we build a loyal fan base that has stuck with us from the beginning. Shaky GoPro footage and all the AP Army believes in us.

You should have ridden off into the sunset as the cute house flipping family success story, but you didn’t. Now you have some real competition.

HGTV we will gladly accept an offer to help compete directly with those Discovery traitors! Let’s put asses in seats for AP on HGTV.

Disclaimer… Chip and Joanna we will gladly come on the Discovery channel if you want to hire us.

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