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My Thoughts on the Philadelphia Flyers New Mascot… “Gritty”

I know what you’re thinking… “Andrew, what the hell does a new NHL mascot have to do with investing in real estate?” The answer is nothing. But the AP blog is not purely limited to real estate topics. No sir (or mam). We cover anything and everything that has a shred of relevance in this world and successfully piques our interest. And let me tell you… our friend Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers new mascot, did exactly that.

The debut of Gritty this past week was muddled with mixed reviews. Many took one look at the misconstrued mascot and immediately dismissed him as a monstrosity. In fact, very few embraced the googley-eyed gargantuan and all that he has to offer... To make matters worse, he had what many would describe as a tough first day on the job. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself:

Regardless of his debut, I can assure you that the future of the Philadelphia Flyers is in good hands. With a mascot like Gritty behind them, I have nothing but the utmost confidence in the future of the franchise. Was I a Flyers fan last week before I knew about Gritty? No. Am I a Flyers fan now? 100%.

It takes something pure and unexpected to break the internet. First it was Kim Kardashian… Now it is Gritty… The overly-hairy outcome of a Chewbacca, Ricky Fowler and Abominable Snowman threesome has been searching his whole life for a home and has finally found one with the Philadelphia Flyers.

At first glance you might think to yourself, “I’ve seen this horrendous looking creature before in my nightmares”. But then, after further examination, you’ll come to realize that Gritty is the furthest thing from a monster. He is instead a beacon of hope for a struggling franchise. He is a light at the end of the tunnel. He is the hero we need, but not the one we deserve. So move on over Batman, there is a new king dingaling in town... and his name is Gritty.


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