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The Home Stretch... A precursor to next week's blog titled We Are Done with the House... Hopeful

We are oh so close to finishing this house… I mean it this time. Although we have been saying the house will be done in 2 weeks for the last month and a half, this time I am feeling confident.

Yes, we missed our July 1st date by a mile. Well more like 10 miles. We allegedly said August 1st and blew by that, but let me tell you, September 1st…. No way in Hell we are missing that date.

The original plan was to have pictures done tomorrow August 30th, but after a weekend of what felt like nonstop work we quickly learned that having the place cleaned and ready for pictures was not an option.

We ran into problems with appliance installation (which were solved). We had troubles with installing cabinet doors, painting took longer, transitions were a struggle, and all of this adds more time.

Therefore, we have rescheduled pictures for Tuesday September 4th. I have never felt more confident that we will have the house done by next Tuesday. Which means we will be on the market Thursday. Yes, I said it, the second AP house will be on the market next Thursday.

To Do:

Outlet covers

Paint touchup

Vent covers

Paint the exterior doors

Cabinet door installation

1 closet needs to be painted

Clean Clean Clean

Labor Day weekend will truly be labor filled for the first time in my life. It is the home stretch of a long race that has been filled with multiple hurdles, but we are about to cross the finish line.

Let’s bring this place home

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