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Opportunity is Everywhere

I am currently reading a book (Yes, I am a scholar).

This book talks about the power of looking at the glass half full and trying to find the opportunity and potential in everything you see.

The book cited a study done by UCLA regarding the human brain and the way we think. It found that we have roughly 70,000 thoughts per day and on average 80% of them are negative. 80%!!!!! That means that 8 out of my 10 thoughts I have on any given day are negative.

Being the scholar that I am, I pondered that statement, which got me thinking. How often do we complain about our boss, financial situation, people around us, posts on social media? I mean shit, in winter we complain about how cold it is and, in the summer, it is too hot…

The book then tied it in with our ability to see opportunity in everything we come in contact with. If we are constantly in a negative state, how on earth would we be able to see an opportunity. Opportunity would have to hit us right in the face. *Unofficial stat: We have a better chance of winning the lottery.

“Okay Brendan a book talked about this, but are you going to believe everything you read from a New York Times Best Selling Billionaire?” NO… That would be stupid, but then something funny happened the other day. While I was working at the restaurant asking people if they would like brisket, chicken or pork on their Nachos (hint: go all 3 meats and take the $2 upcharge).

I had a woman ask me what my plan was for life and what I wanted for myself. Obviously, this question caught me off guard. After explaining how being at the restaurant funds my real estate business, she said “I’m in Real Estate too! We should meet this week, I might have an opportunity for you.” After going back and forth a little, she ended the conversation with “I always look for opportunity, because you never know what you can find.”

I won’t go into the details of this opportunity, but let’s just say we may have something in the works.

After reading the book and meeting this very successful woman, I think there is a point to be made about being positive, never judging and always looking for the opportunity. If we try to bring that 80% down to 50% we distance ourselves from the average. *Note average is not good.

Therefore, I present our readers with a challenge. For the next 30 days try to look at the glass half full, help others when they need it, bring more positive thoughts into our lives and look for opportunity at every turn. You never know what success is right around the corner. Also, tip your servers well. They might have a young real estate business that needs cash.


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