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Feeling Burnt Out? Read This...

It's no secret that everyone gets burnt out from time to time. Our bodies are not wired to work 24/7, and life can be exhausting. Take it from a guy that was diagnosed with narcolepsy when he was sixteen years old. So if you're finding yourself in a funk as of late, look no further. I've got some sure-fire tips to snap you right back into an ass-kickin, house-flippin machine. Ok, you don't have to flip houses, but then you have to come up with your own rhymes.

1. Do Absolutely Nothing For A Day

If you ever want to feel worthless, try doing absolutely nothing for an entire day. I'm talking a day where your greatest achievement is getting up off the couch to grab a sports recovery drink (no free ads) and microwaving the most conveniently located leftovers you can find in the fridge. Nine times out of ten, alcohol is the root cause of such a day. And nothing makes you feel like a bigger bag of mashed potatoes than spending a full day recovering from the night before. Am I encouraging you to over-indulge? Absolutely not... That would be irresponsible. I'm simply reminding you that if you happen to find yourself in such a situation... capitalize. These days serve as a reminder of why life is better (and more productive) when you're sober.

2. Spend Time With Friends and Family

Like I said, we're not meant to work 24/7. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And what better way to enjoy life than spending it with the people you love most. Don't have any friends? I'm sorry... but everyone's got family. So take advantage of it and enjoy some time away from work. Personally, my favorite part of family get togethers... The unnecessary amount of food.

3. Hit the Gym

If you're someone who's already hitting the gym seven days a week two time per day, this doesn't apply to you. And also, chill out, bro. That being said, for the average person, getting some physical exercise and working up a sweat can actually be a form of stress relief. You don't have to hit the gym. I just say that because I'm on a never-ending mission to bench two plates. You can also play sports or even go running (if you're a psycho). The important thing is that you get some exercise and take your mind off work for a bit.

There you go... I would give you more advice, but then I would have to start charging. Speaking of that, anyone wanna buy some AP merch?

Have a great week.


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