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The AP Family is Going to Las Vegas!!!

Let’s start this blog off by saying that AP is not just about Real Estate. AP is a lifestyle brand and a documentation of everything Andrew and I are involved in. We have other interests that we enjoy highlighting through the AP name. With that being said….

The time is fast approaching for the 2nd rendition of the AP family Las Vegas Trip. For 5 days, we take a break from all the problems of the real world and disconnect in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.

Would we have liked to have our house done by now…

However, the show must go on and Vegas is calling our names.

People have been asking me “Hey Brendan, with you and Andrew partying it up in Vegas will there be any videos or content being made?” To that I say.. You bet your sweet ass there will. We are bringing both cameras and some other fancy gear to make this trip unforgettable.

So without further ado, here is what we have planned for our weekend of sun, gambling and partying.

Day 1. We will be checking into our humble Bellagio “Baller Suite”. Is it over the top, yes, but we need to be able to work in space to allow for creativity to flow. Shoutout Donnie for the hookup.

We also have been accumulating change over the past 2 years that we have labeled the “Red Fund” We will be placing that amount on red immediately after checking in. Updates to come.

That will be followed up by a night in the “high roller lounge.” No idea what that is, but we will report back.

Day 2. 9:30 AM we are picking up a very special car. A 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. We have this beast for 24 hours and there will be a multitude of videos coming from inside the driver’s seat of the Green Monster. Including a Vegas Hot Dog review at a local Home Depot.

We will also be driving out to Red Rock so the AP Minion can jump out of a perfectly good airplane… Yikes.

Day 3. We are starting off with a relaxing Spa morning to get all the kinks out from driving in a car nonstop for 18 hours (generous 6 hours of sleep).

Then it is off to Top Golf to see who can swing a golf club after multiple adult beverages. Hint: Probably me.

Day 4. Nothing planned for the morning, but that night the AP family goes clubbing (Minus Donnie and MA). Probably no video from here, but who knows.

Day 5. Will be spent at the pool cabana relaxing while we drink loads of Daiquiris, Pina Coladas and Mojitos.

Day 6. The worst flight of my life….

There you have it folks. The AP Family vacation is coming in hot and we are beyond excited to share the experience with all of our followers. It will be different, but it will also be incredibly entertaining. Stay tuned.

Love You Guys,


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