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Why the AP Boys are Stressed Out

I spend a majority of my week looking forward to the weekends. Not for the reasons most do, however. I actually really enjoy my day job. I also do not spend my weekends drinking (much) and partying with friends. Most if not all of my free time during the week and throughout the weekend is devoted to AP Real Estate. I am 100% ok with this.

That being said, this past weekend was strange. Brendan and I both drove home late Sunday evening in a bit of a funk. It wasn’t even that we had an unproductive weekend. We just had a lot on our mind. Our target completion date of Memorial Day has come and gone, and our updated target date of July 1st is starting to look more and more unrealistic given the work that remains. Does this mean we are bad at creating timelines…? Possibly. But it is also becoming more and more evident, though, that we are a two-man army with limited time to devote to our passion. We have had a tremendous amount of help on this project from family and friends, and I don’t want to disregard that. But the fact remains, no one cares about our success as much as we do, and we take it pretty hard when we fall short.

Between the two of us, we have thrown about $50k into this project. To some that may not be much, but for us it’s enough to cause some concern and force us to adjust our spending habits. We are reaching the point in the project where money becomes tight and every decision matters that much more as we start to eat into potential profits. Add this financial stress to the ever-extending project completion date and you get a couple stressed out AP Boys.

For anyone who thinks, “They don’t seem that stressed considering all the videos and content they still manage to post,” you must not fully understand what we are trying to accomplish. It is a two-front battle we are fighting. A constant balance between business and branding. We hide our stress well on camera, but there is a lot that still goes on when the camera is off and many serious conversations (believe it or not).

This is more of a vent sesh for me than an actual blog. Maybe I’ll finish by providing some relevant advice. If you want to create something great, it will never happen without tons of hard work, sacrifice and headaches along the way. I have no doubt that AP Real Estate is, and will continue to be, something great. When we are high, we’re high, and when we are low, we’re low. This journey has been an absolute rollercoaster, and I never want to get off the ride.

Until next time.


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