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Is This Real Life?

What a crazy week it has been. We started on Sunday by going to an inspection for a flip house we just had an offer accepted on. Now, this place is not an absolute dump, but my goodness does it need some work. It will hands down be the most difficult project we have taken on. In all honesty, it is our second project though so that isn’t saying much.

Then Tuesday rolls around and the Keeping it Real Estate Podcast has an interview with Riggs from Barstool. For those of you who don’t know who Barstool is, listen to the podcast and find out (Good Plug, I Know).

Wednesday we had a contractor walk through the house and we laid out all of the plans for the project. Which include taking on some major tasks. I will not spoil what they are, but they are BIG.

Thursday I get hit with the biggest tax bill of my life. Oh the beautiful ups and downs of running a business, but when get knocked down and kicked in the head (a little extra cause I really hate the tax bill) you get right back up and keep pushing forward.

Now, this had me thinking…. How crazy that AP Real Estate, the little spec of an idea to create a Real Estate Media company, is starting to take shape.

Two years ago, I was in Chicago working as a Real Estate Agent and discovered this great website called Barstool Sports.

Then, I moved back to Michigan and we bought our first investment property. Working those long days at the house, Andrew and I would listen to all of the podcast on their network. Including Rigg’s Podcast ForePlay.

Then out the blue, another idea. I decided to reach out to Riggs via Twitter DM and invited him to play golf in Pebble Beach. To my absolute surprise, he was all for it.

Next, we sell the house, make some money and start our own podcast called keeping it Real Estate.

Finally, this story ends (for now) with us finding another house project, playing golf with Riggs and him accepting an invitation to come onto our 9-week-old podcast.

How CRAZY is this short ride we have been on!?!? Think about it for a second. Two years ago, AP Real Estate did not exist. Now we are a legitimate business with accounts, paperwork and profits. Two years ago, I was listening to Barstool Sports podcasts and now we have one of their main personalities on a podcast of our own!

The point I am trying to make here is this. Make your dreams a reality, “but Brendan that is easier said than done?”. You are absolutely right. It is difficult, but if you follow your interests in this world, work doesn’t seem like work. You start to gravitate towards those things you love and they consume your life.

Speak and will it into existence and what seems like a long shot “no way” thought begins to creep into your reality. That’s when things start to get surreal and life becomes fulfilling and just a crazy amount of fun.

I want everyone who reads this to think about their interest and find different ways to pursue them. I pray you don’t get stuck in “what if” mode. Everyone should get these “Is this real life?” moments.



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