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So What is AP Real Estate Anyways?

WOW.. What a question.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question, I would have roughly $69 (give or take a few).

Today at the gym (Yes, I know sick brag about working out) one of the staff members came up and started a conversation about what I do. She (sup) knew I was in Real Estate but didn’t understand what AP does. So, I politely put down the 700lb deadlift I was about to do and enlightened her.

This is where it was different than most instances though. I was able to clearly explain everything we do and for the first time ever. The other party was not confused and even said “oh my, that is a great idea”. CRAZY right?

This made me realize something. It is all becoming real… I was never able to properly explain what it is we do, because it was all an idea or something we were planning on accomplishing. Now the biggest difference is that we are ACTUALLY doing this. We have a podcast, we have a YouTube channel, we are working with brands for exposure. It is no longer just an idea. We are still at the very early stages, but that idea is taking shape.

Uh Hey Brendan, what is your whole point about this? Allow me to step up at the podium and preach here for a minute.

When you are starting something, it is incredibly scary, and you have no idea what the path is going to be for yourself. Confidence is low, and criticism is high (haters). It is a struggle explaining to people what it is you want to accomplish. Great, you started, the hardest part is over. When you keep pushing forward and put the blinders on the path becomes a little clearer day by day. This will lead to confidence and people attract to confidence. Now when you talk to people it is not in fear, but with passion and energy. When people can see that passion and energy they slowly become believers. Just KEEP MOVING FORWARD. 1 believer will turn to 20,50,100 etc. Then you have a movement.

I don’t want to say the path is clear for me yet. We are still deep in the woods trying to find our way. However, we are gaining confidence every day. People are watching (in small numbers, but still they are watching).

I hope that everyone is able to push forward in whatever life they want for themselves. That first step is the hardest (believe me, I’m still taking it) but it all will come together before you know it. Who knows… In 5 years we could be on HGTV…In 20 Years we could BE HGTV.

Glad whoever is watching right now is riding with us. It helps to have people on the journey.

Love you,


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