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I read Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crushing it and WOW!

For any of you who aren’t aware of who Gary Vee is, let me give a short description.

Gary and his family were originally from Belarus and were traded on an immigration deal for wheat between countries. Let’s think about that… The family was literally traded for wheat. They were able to come to the U.S. and set up shop in New Jersey. After time his father saved up enough money to purchase a liquor store where young Gary worked, ALL THE TIME.

When Gary was of age he took over day to day operations. To make a long story short, he used the newly created “internet” to increase the business from $3 Million in sales to $60 Million. Not a bad upgrade. He then turned his attention to creating his own marketing agency based out of New York which turns out roughly $150 Million in annual revenue.

There is his short (and I will admit sloppy) back-story. Now let us get into his book a tad.

Crushing it talks specifically about the power of social media in building a brand and marketing a business. The tactics include daily vlogs, blog posts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Now what Gary talks about is absolutely hammering down on all of these platforms to gain recognition and a following to help grow your brand. This will translate into sales, advertising deals and a phenomenal network of people that will take you to the MOON!!!

That being said, here at AP Real Estate we are going to start taking more of an active social media role. This will translate into more higher quality videos on YouTube and Facebook. More pictures and stories on Instagram. Continuing the Podcast, but reaching out to try and get more guests. Then finally, we are going to start an AP Twitter account. Yes, we are going to the Twitter.

Why you may ask??? Well the answer is simple really. With more outlets for us to expose ourselves to people the better chance we have at building a following. Also, with more outlets we will be able to cross promote between platforms which will hopefully grow an even bigger following.

With all of that said…. Hold onto your hats, because we are going to go on a social media blitz with all of these accounts.

What we are asking from you the readers is to provide us feedback on what you would like to see more and less of. We want to build a community and provide value for everyone however we can. Let’s go on this journey together!

Love you guys,


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