• Move cars from driveway

  • Move trash cans inside / behind garage

  • Close garage doors

  • Remove / Organize visible water hoses

  • Remove toys and sports equipment

  • Mow grass and clear lawn


  • Turn on lights and replace any burnt out bulbs

  • Close windows and open blinds / curtains

  • Remove personal photos

  • Place shoes / jackets in closets

  • Turn off TVs and computer screens

  • Remove small appliances (toaster, kettles, coffee maker, etc.)

  • Remove refrigerator magnets / photos

  • Remove any dishes or dish racks from sink

  • Hide remote controls

  • Hide soaps and cleaning items

  • Remove visible trash bins

  • Remove toothbrushes and razors

  • Clean mirrors and windows

  • Remove items from bathtubs and showers

  • Close all closet doors

  • Make beds and straighten pillows

  • Remove visible items under beds